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Remote Coaching

Online Coaching

Not your typical online fitness program.


Every person has a different goal. Not everyone wants to be a World Class Powerlifter or a CrossFit games athlete - some people just want to work on their lifts, get stronger, leaner, or feel better in their own skin.


Since no one has the same goal, why should everyone follow the same program? That’s where I step in. Whether you’re trying to get stronger, increase your Clean & Jerk, lose weight, or eliminate back pain, I will utilize all that I have to help you reach your goal. No cookie cutter programs here - each workout is individually designed to help connect you with your goals.


With this you receive direct contact with me within 24 hours along with bi-weekly check ins to keep you accountable and ensure you are on the right track to your goals. No gym? No problem. Each workout will be tailored with whatever equipment you have access to with your goals in mind.


With Remote Programming, you will:

  • Be held accountable for your fitness by a coach who genuinely cares about your improvement!

  • Take the uncertainty out of your workout with clear instructions on what you’re doing and where you’re heading

  • Receive nutritional guidance that aligns with your goals

  • Feel seen by having a training relationship with your coach, not being pushed through a system.


Your goals are as unique as you are and your training requires a personal touch. Let’s get working on them together. Can’t wait to get to know you.


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private coaching

1-on-1 Attention | Proven Results

One-on-one personal training is one of the best investments you can make in your health and wellness, whether you’ve never picked up a barbell before or you are a seasoned athlete.  Bauer Built tailors programming to your skill level and aims to help you achieve your goals and break through plateaus - fast. Cal has worked with everyone of all skill ranges, from high school and college athletes to competitive CrossFit athletes and knows how to scale and program for the best results.

Private Coaching

Group training


Make Fitness Fun | Train Together

If group fitness is more your speed, Bauer Built has you covered. Cal works hard to program dynamic group sessions that challenge you and your squad both mentally and physically. Whether it is a beach session that involves buddy carries and swimming or a grinder that takes place in the gym, we can promise three things - you will always be challenged, you will never be bored, and the environment will always be highly encouraging and supportive.

Group Training
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