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Meet The Man Behind Bauer Built,

Coach Cal

Founder and Head Coach Cal Bauer has always been fascinated with the human body’s ability to be a force through fitness.


As a dynamic high school athlete tackling every sport from football to track, Cal learned to combine pure grit with an intimate understanding of functional movement - he began to appreciate how all these aspects must come together to influence and build athletic performance.


He carried this spark with him to the University of Michigan where he studied the mechanics and physics of human movement with a subfocus in neuromonitoring. Along with higher education, Cal also secured an internship with U-M’s esteemed Athletic Department (50 national championships in 12 sports… GO BLUE!) where he was able to put what he learned on paper into practice to better a competitive collection of collegiate football athletes.


Cal received his degree from the University of Michigan in Kinesiology in 2015, and was snapped up soon after by Safe Passage Neuromonitoring to serve as a Surgical Neurophysiologist. In this role, Cal conducts pre-surgical advisory sessions and assessments of patient motor status before creating unique monitoring plans for each patient depending on which structures of the nervous system will be at risk.


The years to follow were those of happy transitions. Cal married his childhood sweetheart, Amber, and the pair packed up with their dog, Buddy, to move from their hometown of Chelsea, MI to Boston, MA before finally heading down south to Charleston, SC.


With his prowess for Olympic Lifting, aptitude for athletics and competitive spirit, Cal caught the attention of Pale Horse Crossfit. After wrapping up his Crossfit Level 1 Certification, Cal started coaching at Charleston’s baddest box in 2016.  


Outside of his impressive certifications and credentials, Cal is known by his athletes for uncanny kindness, unwavering faith in their ability to succeed, and a relentless dedication to helping them become their best athlete.

Want to learn more about Coach Cal and his approach to becoming your best athlete?

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