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Bauer Built provides personal training and olympic lift coaching to craft bodies made from heart, strength and grit.


Combining cross-functional fitness, conditioning, mobility, nutrition and strength training, Bauer Built designs a unique program that will meet you where you are today and train you for the athlete you want to be tomorrow.


Raise your standards. Reach your goals. Together we will help you become your best athlete.  

Private Coaching

One-on-one training is one of the best investments you can make in your health. Whether you're training for a competition, or just have a PR to hit, we offer the programming and plan to get you there.

GROUP training

If group fitness is more your speed, grab your pals and reach out to Bauer Built for custom Bootcamps, Olympic Lifting Courses and Accessory Workshops for you and your squad. Grab a friend and lets get to work!


Online coaching

Personalized training programs designed from scratch with your goals in mind. With frequent check-ins to assess progress and fine tune your program, make strides on your own time or while you're on the road.

Proudly Serving clients in Charleston, SC

Tel: 734-358-7441

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